Nelson Mandela

Everyone has a story to tell about Nelson Mandela. Regardless of whatever perspective is taken, it must have a truth about who Mandela was. His impact was not only felt in South Africa, but he grew to become an admirable icon in Africa and beyond. Even if not many people know him for any other reason, at least it is important to state that he was the first president of South Africa. His legacy cannot be forgotten having been celebrated throughout the world starting from his motherland and all the way to the United States and beyond. Literally, even those who came at a time when he was leaving this planet have something to say about him.

Mandela and politics

After being born in 1918, Mandela’s life would finally be in politics and his impact was highly felt from 1942. This was a time when the whole world was amidst the Second World War. He began with the African National Congress which was very instrumental in showing Africans the way to go to liberate themselves from the oppressive regime of the colonial powers. It was the start of what would become a long journey for independence struggle. He developed a deep passion for humanity and through the life challenges and search for independence, he witness a lot of atrocities that continued his quest for justice and power.

In 1952, he was banned from any form of movement in pursuit of freedom for the Africans. He was a very prominent figure in conducting peaceful and non-violent campaigns against racist tendencies that were very communal during that time, commonly known as “apartheid era”. He did this for more than twenty years and despite the many setbacks, he did not relent. His resilience saw him get to great heights and made huge milestone to the freedom that is experienced in the South African nation to date.

Life towards independence

Mandela worked selflessly to liberate his people and in 1961, he pioneered a strike amongst workers who took part in for a period of three days. As a result, he got arrested and charged. This followed a five-year sentence for the gross mistakes he did in leading a strike that seemed to oppose the regime that was in power during that time. For twenty seven years, he stayed behind bars and was finally released in 1990. He was later voted in as the president of South Africa to become the first African to assume power through an election.

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