Italian Renaissance Achievement

During Renaissance in Italy, many achievements were made in science, engineering, sculpting, painting, literature and philosophy. The key movement behind Renaissance was humanism which had influenced major cultural variations and achievements. Humanists studied Roman and Ancient Greek civilizations along with contemporary politics and history. During Renaissance, learning had become more secular and theocracy and theology were replaced by scientific knowledge. The students studied classical authors like Cicero, Livy and Ovia and the role of church was curtailed to a great extent in learning. The essay briefly highlights achievements of Renaissance in Italy in various fields.

The Italian language was not a literary language before Renaissance. The authors began to write in Italian in thirteenth century. The mid of 13th century (1250s) was a time of major change in Italian poetry a new peculiar style called ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ was pioneered by poets like Gudi Guinizelli and Guilttone d’ Arezzo. The topics had been changed due to interest in classical topics; hence the writers began to write in new style and language and on nonreligious topics. Cervantes appeared as a renowned satire writer during Renaissance who wrote many famous graphical novels like Don Quixote.

The new era of painting began in Italian Renaissance in Tuscany and Florence with Masaccio, panel painting and Frescoes. The Italian Renaissance generated credible space that allowed artists to accurately represent human body and natural landscapes.

Leone Battista Alberti introduced revolutionary Renaissance style of monument in Florence. Few earlier buildings revealing Renaissance characteristics are Pazzi Chapel and Church of San Lorenzoand by Fillippo Brunelleschi. The typical example of early Italian Renaissance is interior of Santo Spirito that shows spaciousness, clarity and new sense of light. The architecture unveils philosophy of humanism through clarity and enlightenment as opposed to the spirituality and darkness of middle ages.

Renaissance also helped advancements in the field of science and many scientists like Copernicus, Vesalius and Galileo emerged as Renaissance scientists. Galileo invented first telescope in 1609 and made several interesting observations of stars. He was also able to find topography of moon. These three scientists changed the history of science through their achievements.

Consequently, the Italian Renaissance achieved a lot in engineering, architecture, science, painting and literature. Several new techniques evolved in the fields along with scientific discoveries in anatomy and astronomy that impacted the society and the whole world. Thus, the broader output of Italian Renaissance was emergence of era of knowledge.

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