A Quick Guide To Writing An Argumentative Essay Outline

If you want to support your ideas and convince your colleagues to believe in them, writing an argumentative essay might be the best way. Besides, your professor loves to see students who are interested in assignments, so you have a good chance to take some high marks. As you already know, it is very important to have a good structure and arrange your ideas in an appealing manner. Here is how to create your outline:

  • Select the topic. In general it’s better to choose original topics instead of writing about the same thing like all your colleagues. In this way you will have your teacher’s attention from the very beginning, and if something goes wrong at least he will appreciate that you tried. You can search on the internet for some nice topics, or you can ask your colleagues to give you some good ideas.
  • Select the most important ideas and filter them. You will not be able to write everything you want in your composition, so you have to select only the important information. Also, this will help you create your outline without too much effort.
  • Establish how you will arrange your ideas. What you write is as important as how you write it. You might have good ideas, but also you have to arrange them in a logic way. According to this you will also build your chapters. What is the first idea that you will analyze? How about the last?
  • Find some nice names for the chapters. If your essay is not too long, you don’t have to create too many chapters because it will be confusing for the readers. Instead, make sure that you don’t have less than a page for each chapter. After this, you will have to find suitable names; the titles of the chapters need to be relevant, short and clear. Don’t use unknown terms because no one will know what to expect from your composition. If it’s necessary, you can write a small description under a certain chapters, but try to not use this too often.
  • Verify the final result. Since your outline is so short, you don’t imagine that you could make mistakes. However, many students get low grades because their professor discovers errors in the outline. Take a few minutes to read it after you are done.

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