Christianity: Is Jesus God?

In the Christian faith, it’s believed that God comes and exists in three forms: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ himself is often referred to as the second of the three depictions, as the son of God. The “son of God” cannot possibly mean that he is God, many believe. While it is impossible to know conclusively whether or not Jesus truly was God, we can look into documented claims that he made of himself and attempt to configure – was he truthful in the claims? Spite speculations and questioning, many honestly believe with conviction that Jesus truly was and is God.

When looking for clarification, it’s important to reflect on and analyze Jesus’ life. There are countless statements and claims made by Jesus which implied he likened himself that of God. His claims were lofty, and not only made his character akin to holiness, but also went as far as to express that he was one with the Father, and that he ascertained the right to forgive sins. These claims were at the time thought to be characteristics reserved only for God.

In Luke 5:20f, Jesus converses with a man who is paralyzed and expresses that he forgives the man when stating “Man, thy sins are forgiven thee”. This makes the accompanying scribes and Pharisees uncomfortable and question whether he is speaking blasphemies or not. The paralyzed man and onlookers are cut off as Jesus states “what reason ye in your hearts?” promptly issuing the man the ability to walk as he calls “Arise, and take up thy couch”. The man walks, and they were all amazed. Stories and exchanges of words such as that in Luke 5:20 continue in wide variation. While certainly not the only dubious claim and stupefying situation in religious scripture, many people remain tentative in their belief that Jesus is God.

Many Christian organizations have publications which argue His true position, however the fact that proof usually always came with his claims shows inarguable sincerity. Jesus was able to complete tasks and do miracles that not only humans were unable to do, but tasks that only God is able to do. Through many forms, Jesus has been documented and spoken of offering insight, moral compass, and love. While Jesus was at one time in form of a man, he was also God. “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30) expresses his conviction that he was a pivotal piece in the religious triumvirate, fulfilling prophecies and making the greatest sacrifice of all.

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