Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is a type of marriage which entails people who have the same sex. It can either be through religious setting or a ceremony that is civil and secular. Gay marriages have been rare throughout the history in some cultures, but in different cultures, people have experienced. Netherlands become the first country to enact a law that allowed gay marriage in the modern day world. Since then some states have followed in their footsteps, as of today, there has been an increased support for recognizing gay marriage legally in Europe, Australia, and the Americans. In Africa and Asian countries, gay marriage has been deemed as something bad that shouldn’t be allowed at all. South Africa is the only country in these two continents to legalize gay marriages. Gay marriage has suffered lot in the hands of religious communities. Various religious groups see same-sex marriage as a weapon that will erode away the freedom in the religion and also hinder the rights of a child to be brought up by his or her biological parents.

Issues affecting Gay marriage

A lot of researchers have indicated that most children benefit most from having parents that are in a union that is legally recognized something that most gay people fear publicly showing the society. Adoption is also another issue that has limited the gay marriages. Apart from countries that allow same-sex marriage, the remaining states only allow adoption to couples of the same sex that are not married. Religion is an important part of the society that makes even difficult for the people who wish or are already in the gay marriage. In most cases, religious organizations have not given gay couples the benefits they deserve which include, employment, adoption services and to some extent public accommodation. Some marriage equality laws have allowed for the freedom of religion while others have entirely neglected.

Non-sexual gay marriages in Africa

In Kenya, female, gay marriages have been practiced among some communities but these types of marriages aren't homosexual but are a form of keeping family wealth when no son is available. The law does not work to their male counterpart. In Nigeria, there are strict rules that prohibit gay marriages and also criminalize any person from either performing or witness such ceremonies. But amongst the communities in the south of the countries, women are allowed such marriages when she has no child or husband. The woman is allowed to have another woman as a wife so as to continue her family lineage and inheritance.

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