Composing A Top-Quality Five-Paragraph Essay In 5 Simple Steps

Writing a 5 paragraph essay is not an easy task and requires skills. In order to get through education every student is asked to prepare one or many such writings. These papers are of various types. They can be descriptive, narrative, informative or argumentative. Depending upon the type of essay, one has to prepare its structure and write it accordingly.

For a talented writer, it is very simple as he can intuitively create a very compelling writing with all components together, making it persuasive and attractive. However, for a non writer, the best way to write a 5 paragraph essay is to make an outline in advance. Before jumping into the writing assignment, an outline of the writing piece always helps. Write My Essay Today can also help you with editing, if you need assistance.

Like the name suggests, a 5 paragraph essay consists of 5 paragraphs and each of it serves a specific and definite role.

Paragraph 1: this is the introduction part where the students state their topic. They state reasons for the positioning of their topic and end the paragraph with a transition sentence. You must define the purpose of the paper in this paragraph.

Paragraph 2: with this paragraph the body of the writing starts. Here the student explains the main reason behind their positioning.

Paragraph 3: this involves the second part of the main body of the essay.

Paragraph 4: this is the last part of the main text of the writing.

Paragraph 5: this is the last part of the essay called the conclusion. Here the students recap and rephrase their positioning. They summarize the entire writing and offer a solution, or hope or prediction for the future.

To make it simpler for students, a 5 step procedure is mentioned below to write an effective essay

  1. Indentify the topic: To start any writing one has to first select the topic he wants to write on. Only then can he proceed forward.
  2. Thesis statement: the second thing to be done is to write a thesis statement.
  3. Development of arguments: three arguments needs to be developed to support the thesis.
  4. Developments of supports: for each argument, supports needs to be developed. These can include facts, quotes, figures and data.
  5. Conclusion: this is the past part of the writing. Here the entire writing is summarized and concluding sentences are written and thesis is restated using different words.

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