Catholics are Christians that follow the teachings of the Catholic Church. Catholics actually make the greatest percentage of Christians all over the world. In their beliefs, there are four main doctrines: Nicene Creed, Apostles creed, the Pope’s supremacy and celebrating seven sacraments. Catholics also have a strong belief in supporting needy people in the society. Actually, they provide more education and medical services across the world than any other nongovernmental organisation. Despite their good work and religious stand, Catholics have also received plenty of criticism. Criticism is especially on sex related issues and women being leaders at the church. In this essay, we discuss how the church is organised and some of its doctrines.

Organisation of Catholic Church

All Christians who attend a certain church usually have their leaders. The same case applies to Catholics. Catholic leadership is categorised in three different categories of clergy, bishops and priests. Bishops lead Catholics within a geographical area referred to as a diocese. On the other hand, priests lead a few churches within a smaller geographical area. The head of all Catholics across the world is the Pope who is also the bishop of Rome. Catholics also have a law that governs them and it is called the Canon Law. Well, this law does not overrule the civil law or a country’s constitution. The law spells out how the life of the church should be and how it should be organised.

Catholic’s Doctrine

The doctrine that Catholics follow has been developed over many centuries. Teachings within this doctrine are derived from the way of life of early Christians, and debates held by scholars of theology among others. One part of this doctrine defines the nature of God. Catholics believe that there is only one God but he exists in three persons of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This existence in three persons is also referred to as the Holy Trinity. In description of their church through the Nicene Creed, Catholics have four marks for this description: one, holy, catholic, as well as apostolic. Another argument held by Catholics is that a person will be able to access God’s Kingdom through reconciliation as well as following Christ’s teachings. On the argument of after life, Catholics believe that God judges each person’s soul immediately after death. However, another judgement will occur and end the existence of humans on earth as well as mark the beginning of a new life for all people.

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