The Essential Tips On Writing A Long Essay On The Independence Day

If you are tasked with writing a long essay on the topic of Independence Day, there are a few key things that you should always keep in mind:

  1. If you have a long assignment, you need to plan ahead. This means writing down the assignment and any corresponding due dates the moment it is assigned to you. You must also make sure to periodically check on the due dates in tandem with any other projects, meetings, practices, or anything else that you may have. You do not want to make the mistake of believing that you have one full week to work on something, only to realize that your week is completely booked with other activities. By maintaining a calendar you can always see directly when items are due and what other events you have booked for that time.
  2. You want to plan regular work time. If you have three open days on which to work on the long assignment, then make sure to plan a regular amount of time for all three days. The same rule can be applied to any length of time you have at your disposal between the time the assignment is administered and the due date. If you work on the project a little bit at a time, you allow your subconscious the opportunity to chew on the idea and your progress to date while you are engaged in other activities, and when you return the next day to work, any progress made by your subconscious will be right there in the front of your mind.
  3. Take breaks regularly. If you have a particularly long assignment, do not try and get it all done at once. While waiting until the last minute may seem appealing, it is better if you simply break it down into more manageable milestones such as the research, the outline, the first draft, editing, and the final draft. You can assign personal due dates for each of these milestones to prevent yourself from falling behind and missing the due date. That being said, not only should you take long breaks but short breaks during each work session. For every hour that you sit down to work you should take a five to ten minute break to stretch your legs, walk around, and refresh your mind before returning to the assignment.

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