Ten Fundamental Rules Of Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

To write this style of essay, or any style of paper you must have a complete understanding of what it consists of. Some of these steps may sound almost identical. The reason is to hit home on what you have to do. Too many students get confused or mixed-up on explaining the thesis or main idea. Writing this paper may sound like a task. The truth is it is very simple. Here are ten fundamental rules of writing a compare and contrast essay.

  1. Be sure of the type of paper you are writing. There are contrast, comparison, and compare and contrast. It was mentioned earlier that writers can sometimes mix-up the type of paper. They sound familiar but there are certain areas that need to be focused on for each.
  2. Remember not getting off-track. This can be done by explaining your main idea in a straight forward manner. Stay away from any fancy wording or grammar. This explanation should define what the idea is you are writing on. Be as clear and as short as possible.
  3. The more of an understanding of your idea the better your writing can be. Use as many drafts as you feel comfortable writing. This should be a step practiced with every type of paper. Let your mind run free. Put every word that comes to mind down on first draft.
  4. Put together an organized outline. This will help make the work more sensible. Keeping the reader’s attention is vital. Having a good flow will assist in that area. Go through and choose the five best sections of research. These will be your topic sentences.
  5. To get and keep the reader’s attention you should strategically place the topic sentences in the best positions. The two most interesting topic sentences should be placed in the first and last paragraphs. These are the first and last things they will read.
  6. Write in a particular order. Write your similarities first. Obviously the differences will be last. This will help you stay focused on what you are writing on.
  7. Be sure to use the best sets of key words. Go to the site that offers these words. They also will give your ideas on the best grammar and set-ups.
  8. Use visual aids whenever possible. Charts and different diagrams can make things seem a lot clearer. It lets you see the differences and similarities.
  9. Critical thinking is ideal in this work. Do not just think of describing something. The deeper you get into the subject the better the writing will be.
  10. Try to use material that is popular to the public. This will mean there will be a lot more resources to work from in your research.

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