Where To Go Looking For A Free Problem Solution Essay: 4 Good Suggestions

Okay, so you are in the market for a problem solution essay; a free one at that. Just one word of caution, if you want one purely as an example so that you can get a feel for the layout and structure that is going to be required. Brilliant, well done. This is a great strategy and will save you loads of unnecessary heartache and hassle. If on the other hand you are looking for someone to write your essay from scratch for free so that you can then pass it off as your own, then I would urge caution. Why would anyone do this for free for you? Can you be certain of quality, or the fact that it is plagiarism free?

Now that I have given you some food for thought, here are 4 good suggestions as to where you can look for a free problem solution essay:

Google Scholar

This would be my first port of call. Yes, google can be a little irritating with its seemingly unending reach, but it is reputable and Google Scholar is an extensive database that you tap into totally free of charge as and when you want to. Other benefits include:

  • There is no need to register
  • You can search anonymously
  • You can download several essays and compare them

This is particularly useful if you are only wanting the essay to use as an example.

Bribe your best friend

There are several different variations to the word free. Technically it means simply not parting with any currency. However, if you are willing to be a little flexible and maybe offer up some pizza as an incentive, or if your best friend owes you a favor then asking them to provide you with your essay for free makes perfect sense. They have no reason to scam you and assuming they value your friendship they will do a good job.

The wider internet

I have already touched upon Google Scholar. However, there are numerous benefits to utilizing the wider internet in your quest for a free term paper. There are numerous sites offering up this facility. My only concern is quality. It all comes back to what is in it for them? However, some sites simply want the traffic to the sites in order to indirectly promote other services that they are offering.

The library

Never under-estimate the power of the library. Yes, it may be silent and at times slightly oppressive but I can guarantee that it holds all of the academic information that you could ever want…all under one roof!

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