The only way that various tourist attraction sites can be maintained is by improving and encouraging ecotourism programs. Many nations have risen to the occasion and formulated policies that encourage people to get actively involved in ecotourism. Ecotourism is when there is a responsible visit to various natural attraction sites and at the same time minding to conserve and sustain these natural sites. This is in the effort to conserve, improve and sustain the wellbeing of the local people. This has to entail a lot of training, educating and interpreting education to the local people, staff and the guests. This is hard to achieve but can be attained by offering economic incentives that will encourage people to conserve the environment. Through ecotourism, we can achieve bio-cultural diversity and protect both the cultural heritage and the natural beauty of the beautiful planet.

Insensitive tourism

In the recent past, many people appreciate nature and this has led to a rise in tourism. This is on a positive note. However, if the increase in tourism, especially in sensitive areas, is not controlled, we will soon be in a great problem because of increase in threat to the integrity of the local cultures and the ecosystem. The most serious threat is the increase in foreign visitors and that poses a significant threat to the local communities and the indigenous culture. Sometimes, other factors may influence tourism as an economic activity. Such factors like politics, currency exchange rates, climate changes and the social changes impact the dependence on tourism greatly. However, with better management, it offers excellent opportunities for the development of the local communities and conservation. With the revenue raised from tourism, a lot can be done to improve the lives of the local people and at the same time protect the natural areas and all parks. With proper arrangement, ecotourism can lead to the creation of an alternative income generating option.

Main principles of Ecotourism

Ecotourism revolves around uniting the communities, conservation and sustainable visit travels. It, therefore, involves some principles that will make it possible to unite all the stakeholders.

  • Low impact facilities: For positive results to be attained there is a need to design and put up facilities that have minimal effect on the environment and the people.
  • Financial benefits: The aim of ecotourism is to conserve the environment and at the same time improve the lives of the local population. It is, therefore, committed to making sure that there is good travel that impacts to the life of the local people in a positive manner.
  • Creating awareness for respect of both culture and the environment.

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