The Effect Of Cell Phones On Health: Composing An Illustration Essay

If there is one thing that you will come to realize about some of the essays that you are asked to write in school these days, you will notice that most of them are about contemporary things, things that we see and encounter on a daily basis. There is a good reason for this. Most importantly, these tasks are usually handed over to students in the hope that you can get to develop a higher sense of understanding, an analytical capacity where you see things from an intellectual perspective in life. It is such intellectual thinking that is required of you when you are working on this particular topic.

Cell phones have been around for a very long time, but their usage has become more advanced over the years, even having some of them evolving into tablets and phablets. Apart from that we have also seen the smart watches being designed. All of these are incredible advancements in as far as the world of telephony is concerned. However, with all these benefits there is also the health risk that is posed by continued usage of these devices. In this paper you are supposed to analyze all the benefits and disadvantages of the continued use of cell phones.

Considering the fact that most of us can barely survive without these gadgets today, this should be one of the best or the simplest papers that you can ever be asked to write. You can have yourself as the case study, or your family members, or even your friends. You need to consider all the dangers that are posed by continued use of these devices. Think in terms of the exposure to harmful frequencies, the cases where we have seen the cell phones explode in the pockets of the users, some who have been electrocuted and so forth.

For our generation, perhaps the biggest problem that you will need to highlight is addiction. There are so many people today who are too addicted to their phones that from time to time they find themselves zoning out from the world around them. As a result they end up struggling with concentration and generally miss out on some of the most important things in life. At the same time, you must also find a way of discussing the social media element of the use of cell phones, which beside their benefits, have also contributed to a lot of dangers.

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