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How To Make A Great Academic Essay In A Few Hours Only

In the past, students wrote academic essays over the course of a week or more. Now, students are assigned papers and they need to complete them overnight or in a timed session in class. Students need to remember that writing a paper does not need to be a mysterious thing that only a few students can do. So, let's start from elementary tips from professionals from Write My Essay Today service:.

Learn the Formula

The formula is not a secret that is only revealed to students who major in writing. The formula is the organizational structure that every academic essay needs. It includes beginning with an introduction, writing body paragraphs, then finishing with a conclusion. Each part of the paper needs to connect with the other parts and they all have very specific paragraph structure that can easily be modified to any required length and can be written for any topic. Once you understand the formula, you can write an assignment in a few hours or a few minutes!

Write the Introduction

The first part of the paper is the introduction. Whether you write one paragraph or several, the introduction has three distinct parts: the hook, the bridge, and the thesis. The first thing you should do with any paper is write the thesis as a response to the prompt. After that, the hook and bridge should be written, so the thesis can be put at the end of the introduction. The hook should be creative so the reader wants to know more. The bridge should connect the hook to the thesis by providing background information or some facts about the topic. The thesis should always be the last single sentence of the introduction.

Develop and Support Good Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs make up the next section of the academic essay. This section can be adjusted to fit the required length of your academic essay. So, if you need to write a five paragraph paper, you will only need three body paragraphs, but if you need to write anpaper that encompasses several pages, you write more body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should follow the same structure. It needs a topic sentence and then several sentences that alternate between examples and explanations. The topic sentence should refer back to the thesis and include keywords that show the connection. The examples are your own ideas and words about the subject of the paragraph. The explanations are the proof that backs up your examples. When you include explanations, they should be from resources, like novels, journals, and government websites.

Conclude with Style

  • Finally, the conclusion needs to be written. Papers need to be wrapped up and a simple conclusion can get the job done.
  • The conclusion is written in the reverse order of the introduction. It should begin with a restatement of the thesis, using different words.
  • Then, the bridge is a recalling of the major ideas of the paper. The last sentences should refer back to the hook and provide a final thought.

Build Your Voice and Tone

While the organization of the paper is important, there are a few other things that separate a regular essay from a great academic essay.

Word choice, sentence variety, voice, and tone are necessary. Word choice and sentence variety create flow and interest. They also work together to create the voice, which is your personality.

The attitude of the paper also comes from voice. These elements do require practice, but after a while, you will be able to show your voice in everything you write.

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