10 Judaism And Christianity Compare And Contrast Essay Writing Hints

Compare and contrast essays ask students to focus and discuss the ways that two things or ideas are similar and different. Students are encouraged you to engage in critical thought, make connections, and generate analysis between ideas. In this case the topic is Judaism and Christianity. Here are 10 essay writing hints to help you out:

  1. Deciding What to Focus On
  2. Before starting make a list of all the similarities and differences to focus on. Look for the ones that are the most interested and closely related so that you can easily focus on a single theme.

  3. Developing a Thesis
  4. This is a very important part to your essay. It creates a focused argument and lets your reader know what you will be discussing throughout, despite possibly making several points.

  5. Organizing Your Paper
  6. There are several different ways to organize your argument. It’s a great idea to develop an outline to keep your topics in line. This will also ensure that you provide equal weight to both subjects.

  7. Point-By-Point
  8. This is the most common method of writing this kind of assignment. One paragraph will deal with single point from the perspective of both Judaism and Christianity.

  9. Subject-By-Subject
  10. In a subject-by-subject method you discuss first either Judaism or Christianity thoroughly followed by the other. So if you make three points about Judaism you will follow it with three points about Christianity.

  11. Offering Equal Emphasis
  12. Avoid any kind of bias. Your job is to present both sides of your topic and provide equal weight to Judaism and Christianity. Don’t show any favoritism but instead use solid evidence to prove whatever point you are trying to make.

  13. Using Cue Words
  14. One of the easiest ways of helping your reader keep track of where you are in your compare and contrast essay, you want to use good cue words in your transitions and topic sentences. Signal your intentions so your reader knows where you are in the assignment.

  15. Putting It All Together
  16. Keep in mind that you are writing a compare and contrast essay and not an argumentative one. While you do have a thesis statement to prove, you should ensure that it’s clear to the reader that you have carefully thought both sides of a topic.

  17. Revising Your Paper
  18. When you revise you’re looking for ways to improve your argument by cutting out text, rearranging text and even adding text when needed. The key is to rethink and strengthen your argument.

  19. Proofread and Editing
  20. Before submitting your essay you need to go through your entire work to thoroughly to proofread and fix my essay. Look for all mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Also, it would be a good idea to find ways to edit it online for better clarity.

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