How Many References You Should Use In A 1500-Word Essay: Solid Advice

When writing a 1500-word essay you may be at a loss for how many sources of reference you should include. The real answer is however many you need. Now, we know this seems frustrating; you just want a simple and clear answer. We can’t give you that, but we can provide you with some solid advice on how to determine how many references you will need for various types of 1500-word essays. By answering these questions below, you can determine what kind of research will be needed.

What is my topic?

Think about the class you are writing this paper for you and the prompt or instructions you have been given. Knowing the style or subject of a paper can be the first crucial step in determining the necessary amount of research you will need to compile to succeed. For instance, when writing a 1500-word critical analysis essay on a short story, you will need at least two sources. One source will be your primary source, the short story, and at least one secondary source, to provide support for your analysis.

What main points do I wish to make?

Determining the main points you plan to make in your paper will help you also decide what kind of resources you require. You can decide what points you plan to make by creating an outline for your work. You will want to start by making a thesis with your main points—and this will help gauge your search. Will one source have the information you need for all of your points? Will each point need one or more sources?

What sources do I need?

Now that you know what main points you plan to make, you should already have an idea of what you will be looking for, but now you can consider this even further. If you know you need to define a specific term, you will need a source for this. If you need to provide specific background information, this will require a different source. Think about your needs.

Do I have specific requirements?

Finally, did you teacher give you any specific requirements? Sometimes teachers will outright tell you how many primary or secondary sources they expect you to use. Always look to instructions and the rubric to make sure this information has not been provided.

Now that you have considered these questions you should have a much better idea of how many references you will need to include in your 1500-word essay. Take this solid advice to help guarantee your success.

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