ADHD In Adults

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. There are several people who might have heard about what it is, but there is hardly enough number of people who actually fully understand it. Though this problem is often considered to be far more prevalent in kids than it adults, very few people that adults suffer from ADHD too. It is considered that approximately more than five percent of adults, at least living in the United States suffer from ADHD. The worst part is that hardly any of them actually know what the problem they are suffering from is and how it can be treated.

However one of the theories is true when it comes to the idea that only kids have ADHD. The theory is that adults who suffer from their hyperactivity disorder are most likely to have had it when they were just a child. If such is the case then several are already aware of it and thus know how to treat it. But those who are not diagnosed when young have to learn how to cope with it as they grow up.

If you know someone who seems to have this hyperactivity disorder, following are some of the symptoms you can look out for.

Signs You Have ADHD

Here are some of the signs that might tell you that you suffer from ADHD:

  1. If you have trouble following directions
  2. If you have trouble retaining information
  3. If you have trouble concentrating
  4. If you find it difficult to manage several things to do
  5. If you can never get done with work in a timely manner.

Though these may seem like treatable problems, these can make one’s life truly difficult. Following are some of the things you might struggle with a lot, here are some of them:

Things That Might Trouble You

Following are the things an adult struggling with ADHD will have to cope with:

  1. You might feel anxious a lot.
  2. You might feel excruciatingly bored with life.
  3. You will be more forgetful and will appear at events late.
  4. You might experience chronic depression.
  5. You won’t be able to concentrate on things for too long.
  6. You might get angry over little things.
  7. You might do things impulsively.
  8. You might feel immensely frustrated.
  9. You might have trouble organizing yourself and thus end up procrastinating

It is hardly ever the same that one person with ADHD might have the same symptoms as someone else. It all depends on how people deal with it.

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