Trail Of Tears

Like in any other free nation, natives who are vulnerable may at times face a lot of problems. They are regarded as the people who are in the country or in their present places of settlement by mistake. This is especially common for groups that are not many in number and could maybe have found their way into the nation at question in one way or another. These groups of people go through a lot of many things some even under the watch of the federal government. An example is the Indian Americans who were forced to leave their land to white settlers.

The Andrew Jackson’s Era

The Indian Americans occupied the land west of River Mississippi. The white settlers eyed this land a lot as they wanted to establish cotton growing estates on it. They thus tried all they could to drive the Indian Americans away from their land. When Andrew Jackson became president this became easier as he collaborated with the white to get the Indians out of their land. The Indian Removal act which he signed as president gave extreme power to the federal government to exchange the land that Indians owned in east of river Mississippi to a land in Louisiana which was named as the Indian territory.

The Indian Americans were drove out of their land by the white settlers in a mean way. At times they stole their cattle and even torched their houses. Many of them flee their homes and went across river Mississippi to Louisiana which is the present Oklahoma. The Indians travelled on foot and they experienced many problems during the long journey. The Indians did not get any help from the federal government during their long journey. They had to do without food at times and other basic needs like shelter and clothing. Health care was a problem to and many of them died on the way. The Indians were only filled with tears during this exodus.

Aftermath of the Trail of Tears

Throughout the whole movement of the Indians, 3,500 of the 15,000 Indians died. Most of them died during the journey while others died as they were left behind to try and fight for their land. This was not the best way to treat people, as even their land in Louisiana later shrunk as the white settlers increased. George Washington had tried to civilize the Indians and this could have worked as the whites would have bought the land from the Indians who were willing to sell. They were being changed from owning land communally to individually where a person had the right to do anything with their land.

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