What Is The Difference Between An Argumentative And An Expository Essay?

Are you trying to decide between the differences of argumentative and expository essay’s, but have no idea what they are? Then it makes sense to first of all find out what the definitions of both are so that the differences can be extracted. By understanding what they are you can select the type of project that your style of writing and interests are most suited to. With that thought in mind, here are the top things you must consider when considering the differences between argumentative and expository essays:

What Is An Expository Piece

An expository project is one where you have to pick a specific object, person or place and factually describe it. There is little need to give opinions as the most important thing to get across are the factual data about the thing in question. Therefore, this is a straightforward project since very little creativity is required.

What Is An Argumentative Project

As the name suggests this kind of project will involve you putting across a point of view on a specific topic. This point of view should be defended with facts, data and statistics so that there is some merit behind the points you are trying to make. Keep in mind that you can make a good argument on almost any point of view – it all depends on the quality of the argument you are making.


Here are some of the tops differences between argumentative and expository essay’s:

  • Flow: with an expository project you don’t need to present the content in any specific manner. Instead you just need to present enough facts for the reader to get a good sense of what the entity in question is about. Whereas, with the argumentative style project you have to have a logical flow.
  • Facts: more facts are needed for the expository piece than the argumentative ones, which means the research rather than the writing should be your main area of focus.
  • Style of writing: for the two pieces the style of writing differs, which means that you can select the project type which matches your preferences.

Read more sources online to get a better idea of what the differences between the two type of projects are. You’ll realize that the difference are quite obvious once you get to know the two different styles.

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