How To Write A Good 5-Paragraph Comparative Essay Outline

The simple explanation of what is a comparative essay sounds like – matching two opposite ot closely related objects and focusing on their differences or similarities. However, everything is not that simple. There are certain purposes that need to be included in your comparative essay:

  1. Include some new facts in your paper.
  2. Solve all the misunderstandings.
  3. Show that one object is more transcendent than the other.
  4. Figure out the new way of understanding/doing the researched problem.
  5. Support your point of view with trustworthy facts.

The begging of your comparative essay outline is standard – the introduction part. This is the paragraph where you have to explain to your future readers what it will be stated in your essay. You will also have to explain the three main points that will be stated in the body part.

To finish your introduction part you will have to think about a good thesis statement that will have your readers understand where the essay is going. Usually the intro part is the toughest part of the whole comparative essay writing process.

Than goes the three body parts of your 5-paragraph comparative essay outline. Frankly speaking those paragraphs are the supporting facts of the entire comparative essay. Caution, you have to include only one main idea in each body paragraph. Also you will have to include up to three evidence points that support the main idea.

The structure of the 3 main body paragraphs looks like this:

  1. The first difference/similarity between the objects that you are writing about.
  2. The second difference/similarity between the objects that you are writing about.
  3. The third difference/similarity between the objects that you are writing about.

The first sentence of each body part has to state the main idea. Than the supportive information goes statistics, facts, interview, quotes etc. The process repeats again with each part.

And finally, the conclusion part of your paper. Comparing with the intro part and the body paragraphs, conclusion is the easiest part of the whole essay. Now you will have to put together all the ideas and supportive facts together and draw conclusions. Firstly, totalize all the main points in your essay. The next step is to evaluate everything and think of the future development of the discussed topic. And finally, you have to express all the significance of your paper. Show to your readers the main purpose of your work.

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