How To Overcome Difficulties In Composing An Environmental Problem Solution Essay

A problem solution essay defines the creative artistry of the writer. Much like an expert orator who creates a muzzle of tough words and without stopping finds a release so that his speech remains fluent; the writer first falls into a pit and then finds solace.

A world of ideas

Environmental problem solution essays offer a world of ideas. There are so many problematic areas related to the environment that call for emergent solutions. You just need to find a pivotal problem which directly raises reader’s interest.

The various issues

The issues may relate to the ecological difficulty in creating urban villages; lack of energy consciousness; global warming, deforestation, especially of rainforests. The list is never-ending. These essays also pose constant difficulties to the writer.

Here is a list of some of the major problems and how to overcome them –

  1. Knowledge of the problem – You cannot just pick a topic from tertiary understanding; you should have first-hand information about the same or at least, a well-researched second hand pick. For instance, if you are asked to write on the environmental problems in East Africa, there is a good chance that you are not familiar with the topography. In that case, you will never be able to mete out complete justice.
  2. Solution – The solution is obvious. Gain prior knowledge of the same before delving into the essay.

  3. Mapping the structure – You need to give special emphasis to the problem. In doing so, often the essay begins taking a negative shape. You have to carefully map out the structure and keep riddling it with positive figures. The road may still be tough to negotiate.
  4. Solution – Balance the negatives with positives in the same paragraph if possible.

  5. Finding a worthy solution – It is sometimes hard to find a worthy solution; especially if it requires innovation on your part. The problem may be too intimidating like say, global warming. The problem may also be uncharted with no guiding lights to gain inspiration from.
  6. Solution – Choose the topic only when you think you have got consummate solution up your sleeve. Of course, this will require enough research on your part.

  7. Keeping it concise – Sometimes the premise is so huge that you naturally feel inclined to write a verbose essay. However, there may be a restriction on word limits. This comes across as a major problem.
  8. Solution – Learn to make it instructive, yet concise. This art comes from regular practice. Keep writing solution-oriented articles to improve your skills.

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