Military: Get Out Or Stay In?

Being in the military in the United States is a big achievement. Veterans and people have served in the military in the past are highly respected and regarded in the society. Better still, there is a broad range of benefits for those people that serve in the military or have served in the past. However, there are some things that you have to forego by being in the army. There are a lot of risks involved to serve in the army. This leaves very many people at the crossroads. Many people do not know whether to stay in the military or to leave. The main things that most people consider are the community, friends, kids and more so spouses. The decision will mainly depend on these factors.

Family considerations

The family will be the basis of the decision. Many people want to go with what is best for the family so as to have the family blessings. In the case of the spouse, one will have to consider the career of the spouse. If they have decided to stay at home and be the homemakers, then you have no problem being in the army. Some spouses will also be in the in a career where they have home offices. This will not affect the decision of staying in the military. On the other hand, spouses that want a stable career, and those that not comfortable with separation may find military career challenging. The needs of one’s children may also tilt the balance on whether to stay in the military or to go. Some people will also look at friendship. Many people will create long lasting friendships in the military wand will, therefore, give it a try. Communities with many military officers may be considered safe but will also be significantly influenced by the current situations. People will, therefore, make decisions depending on the community they are in.

Financial Considerations

It is crucial to look at the total military package and compare it to that of other civilian specialists. In the military, you will have additional packages that include health, education for children and exemption from taxes. There are also other benefits like access to entertainment and sports facilities. However, you should compare these with that of other specialists. Some still have a better package. Military ex-officials are also at an advantage of getting jobs after they quit the military. This is an advantage as compared to civilian specialists.

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