A Complete Tutorial On How To Compose A Response To Literature Essay

There are some definite things that need to be included if you are trying to analyze a literature essay. The reason you are writing this is to evaluate the piece of work you have read. In order to do this you must choose one particular part of the essay and evaluate it. In order for you to evaluate one particular part of the essay you must understand the whole essay so that you can report on how this one certain part affected the whole. The most important thing you need to do when you are writing a response to this type of work is to stick to one thing and try to tell how that one thing affects the entire work. This is sometimes difficult to do but if you are disciplined in your writing you will be able to accomplish this.

  1. Choose the one thing about the literature that you want to write about
  2. You can choose to write about the characters, plots, settings or other parts of the work that you find interesting. You will need to talk about the morals of the writings and the other important parts of the essay in order for you to be able to explain why the one thing you want to concentrate on is important.

  3. You must have a central idea, your thesis, which you will use to develop your entire essay
  4. The one thing that you decide you want to develop is to be shown in your thesis statement. The rest of your essay will be used to elaborate on this statement and prove the truth of it. You will have paragraphs that will show specific instances of your thesis statement and why it is relevant.

  5. Organize your essay so that every part of it contributes something to your thesis statement.
  6. Everything that you write about in your essay should tie back into what your central idea is. All of your supporting paragraphs should somehow validate or prove what your main idea is. You should not have any tangents in your essay which can sometimes be very difficult. You will be graded on your organization of your essay. Anything that is written that does not tie back into your thesis statement is not necessary and is not tolerated in this type of work.

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