How Do I Find An Example Of A Good Argumentative Essay?

When you write an argumentative essay you are supposed to convince your colleagues about something. It can be your own idea, a principle that you believe it or something similar. Of course, it is a small chance to write a good composition from the very beginning; you need to get some experience first. You can do this by getting inspired by different examples of essays. How can you find them? By trying these tricks:

  • Ask your colleagues for some samples. Your older colleagues wrote many such compositions before, and for sure they still keep them. You can tell them that you don’t know from where to start and that you want to read their old texts. Most of the time they will be happy to help you and explain to you what you have to do. Pay attention to the structure of the composition, to the arguments that they used and the conclusion that they wrote.
  • Search on the internet. There are many platforms on the Internet that are specially designed for students who need help with their assignments. On these websites many students in your age share their compositions to serve as examples for others. If you decide to take one of these compositions as inspiration, make sure that the author is trustworthy; take a look at his profile to see what other texts he published and how he is responding to comments.
  • Visit a literature club. Don’t worry, no one is expecting you to be a professional writer in order to join a literature club. All you have to do is to be willing to improve yourself and your writing skills. In this place you will encounter real writers, as well as students who discuss about different texts. You can ask them for some samples and they will be more than happy to provide them. They can even help you write your own assignment!
  • Discuss with your professor. If nothing else seems to work and you can’t find what you are searching for, you should talk with your teacher directly. He will be happy that you are interested in school and that you took your time to search for samples. He has many texts that will not only inspire you, but also serve as a model for your own composition. Pay attention to his advice so you will not need help again in the future.

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