Titanic is a love story released in the year 1997. It was written, directed, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron. The story is about the love of two young people and the tragedy of the Titanic, the doomed vessel.

The two young lovers in the Titanic story are Leonardo DiCaprio who has the role of Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet who appears as Rose Dewitt Bukater. The two characters are from two totally different backgrounds. The two fall in love in the doomed vessel while in abroad in 1912. The love story is fictional. However most of the characters were based on those who were actually aboard the real vessel- passengers and crew.

The inevitable sinking of the crew and passengers created an emotional impact of the Titanic story. Ida Stauss and Isador are historical characters in the story. Ida his wife, in the story has a chance to leave the vessel using a lifeboat but declines and chooses to return to his husband to honor her vows to return to her husband Isador. The last time she is seen on the movie is as she lies on a bed embracing her husband.

Heroism by crew members in the movie adds to the layer of emotions. These include the desperate efforts to try maintaining power for lights and to send distress signals. The band master, Wallace Hartley plays uplifting music to the very end even as the ship sinks. Rose and Jack, the two lovers come together initially when Jack rescues Rose from committing suicide.

Jack does manage to attend a stuffy dinner, though he is scorned as inferior by Rose mother and Cal. The bond between the two lovers deepens. The next day, Rose meets Jack at the bow of the ship where she goes after she defies her mother and Cal. Here she realizes that she has feelings for Jack and they passionately embrace. They then go to Roses stateroom privacy Jack draws a sketch of Rose wearing only the heart of the Ocean, which was an expensive engagement ring from Cal. The two then make love in cargo hold.

They witnesses iceberg collision and overhear how serious it was and they decide to warn her mother and Cal. However, Cal has already discovered the nude sketch of Rose. He accuses Jack of stealing the necklace; he is arrested to below deck and handcuffed.

Later scenes are very emotional depicting the aftermath of the collision and the desperate attempts to passengers to get into lifeboats, and acceptance of fate. Lifeboats were not enough causing the loss of lives of 1500 passengers and crew.

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