How To Make Use Of A Well-Written Persuasive Essay Example

There are various types of essays that a student can be asked to write. No matter what is asked of the students, they should have a clue of whatever is asked of them. A good way to deal with something they have no idea of how it’s done is to look at the samples. I cannot emphasize more on how looking at samples can help a student, here is how to make use of a well-written persuasive essay example.

  1. Check the format used
  2. First and foremost, you should check the format used so that you can write yours on the same manner. Persuasive essays are meant to inform the reader in a persuasive manner. In this phase, just check the overall format of the essay until its last or concluding paragraph.

  3. Heading/Topic
  4. The first part of any persuasive essay is the topic. Occasionally, the teacher can provide the topic to be used, in another circumstance the teacher will ask the students to pick their own persuasive essay topic. All in all you need to understand the role of a topic and how it affects the general outcome of the essay.

  5. Introduction
  6. In regards to the topic used, pay attention to the introduction and how words are chosen for such a topic and the strength of the introduction. This is where the writer should capture the readers’ attention. Take note of the length of the introduction.

  7. The body content
  8. Checking on the content of the body you realize that it’s written after research. Take note of how the writer has explained his points on the example, then see the way he arranges his points for effective understanding of the essay. Also check on how he flows from one paragraph to the other and the tone used.

  9. Conclusion
  10. Trough the persuasive essay example, you will see how the writer makes his conclusion, this is like a signoff for the writer, at this point the writer should final remarks with the aim of driving home a point that makes the topic relevant.

A good persuasive essay example should be able to show the students how to best approach his assignment. You can always search for well-written samples in case the teacher doesn’t provide one. You can find here well written persuasive essays as sample to use as a guideline for the students.

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