Immigration: History And Future


Immigration in /the United States of America has changed greatly since Europeans started to immigrate in the 1800s and early 1900s.The Immigration and Nationality Act was a law that was passed in The United States in 1965. This act allowed more immigrants to settle in The United States from countries outside of Europe. Since the act has passed, more than 43 million immigrants are believed to have settled in The United States of America.


The rise of the British Empire during the 1800s made travel so much easier for most Europeans. The United States of America looked to be a new country with a lot of opportunities from farming to mining. These opportunities looked attractive to many Europeans seeking to better their lives.

In 1965 The new Immigration and Nationality Act changed the face of immigration as this meant people from other countries were given more freedom. Visas were granted for people who came from countries outside of Europe allowing a greater influx of immigration. When the law passed in 1965, an estimated 5% of the American population were immigrants.


Before The Immigration and Nationality Act was passed in 1965, the population was made of the following racial figures:

  • White 84%
  • Black 4%
  • Hispanic and Asian 1%

The majority of the population as seen was predominantly white and this can be seen to be down to the immigration of Europeans. Now in 2015, the statistics of racial divide have changed dramatically and statistics show:

  • White 62%
  • Black 12%
  • Hispanic 18%
  • Asian 6%

The statistics show there is now a major drop in European immigration and a growth of Hispanic and Asian immigration. It is predicted that by the year 2065, there will be no minority group and the racial divisions will be more equal in numbers as immigration from Asian countries in particular is continuing to rise.


There are many different views as to whether immigration is considered to be a good or a bad thing in The United States. Half of Americans believe that immigration causes a rise in crime and problems in the economy.

Views of immigration is not always negative. Half of Americans also believe that immigration has had a positive impact on the arts, music and food.


The Immigration and Nationality Act is a law that has greatly changed the path of immigration. Ever since this law has been passed, more immigrants are arriving from Asian countries and this is changing the racial divide in American population.

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