Composing A Strong Illustration Essay On Capital Punishment

Writing an illustrative essay entails illustrating your thoughts and beliefs on a certain topic. In simple terms, in this paper you need to explain why exactly you believe what you do. This can be rather difficult, especially if your topic is capital punishment.

In order to create a strong illustrative essay on this subject, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Define your position.
  2. One of the most important things for this kind of paper is consistency of your line of arguments. You must choose one view on the subject, for example “capital punishment is should be abolished”. Every argument you make, and every piece of evidence you present in the rest of the work must support this particular statement.

  3. Develop your arguments and thesis statement.
  4. You should start writing with developing the crucial points of the essay, which means your thesis statement and arguments. To do this, think of the topic very carefully and determine why exactly you believe your main statement to be true. For example, “capital punishment should be abolished because no person should be allowed to take another person’s life, because the justice system can make mistakes, because it’s inhumane”. This will be your thesis statement that should be introduced in the beginning of the introduction. Every paragraph of the paper will focus on one of the arguments.

  5. Develop an outline.
  6. Always create an outline for an academic paper. This plan will help you organize your thoughts and ideas in a logical order. Remember that you should always present your strongest arguments first. You can change the outline a little when you start writing f you come up with some more interesting ideas.

  7. Write the first draft.
  8. Your initial draft will have little in common with the final product of the writing process. When you work on it, you need to put all your thoughts and ideas on paper. Don’t think about organization, instead focus on expressing everything that comes to mind. You will polish this draft to perfection through a series of revision and editing sessions.

  9. Revise first, edit second.
  10. You should always focus on revision (editing the content of the essay) first. Organize the text properly and determine whether you managed to get the point across. Cut out all the pieces that aren’t directly related to the topic. There should be no filler content in an academic paper. Every sentence must serve the purpose of promoting the idea you advocate in the essay.

    After you are done with the content, start eliminating grammar and spelling mistakes.

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