How To Find Five-Paragraph Essay Examples Quickly: Tips & Tricks

The most common form in which students are asked to write any type of essay is in the five-paragraph format. The good thing about this type being the most popular is that there are almost limitless resources on where you can go to find examples quickly and easily. Continue reading below for some tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for fast:

  • Search online: With the internet people are literally given access to the world at their fingertips. Anything can be found online, and sample essays are no exception. You can search for examples in the specific subject you are studying, or you can just look up general ones. When browsing through the results that are returned, don't just assume the first one will give you what you need. Take the time to browse through several different ones.
  • Professional writer's service websites: Writing services offer a number of writing projects that can be purchased. Where they are useful is in looking through samples of some of the work they have done previously. You may not want to rely on them exclusively, but they will point you in the right direction.
  • Journals and academic publications: Essays and a variety of other papers are published in these on a regular basis. The benefit to searching out some of these is that you know they have been edited and proofread since they have been published, so you can also be certain they are done properly.
  • School library: Whether you choose to actually visit the library of your educational institution, or you prefer to do some virtual checking, all school libraries have an archive of papers that have been done by students. These are wonderful sources to tap because they have been submitted and marked, in many cases by the same instructor that you have. This gives you an advantage because you are able to see exactly what is preferred and accepted for your particular school.
  • Homework help sites: Educational sites that offer help with homework have an immense inventory of tools to assist students -- including examples of how to properly construct an essay. You will also be able to easily find step-by-step instructions so that you do not end up leaving anything essential out.
  • Go to the source: When all else fails and you are unable to find a sample that you are happy with, ask your instructor to show you some examples of what they expect to see. Most are happy to help and give you some pointers if you only take the time to ask.

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