Big Bang Theory

One of the biggest questions faced by scientists, philosophers, researchers, even you and I is the origins of life, the planet Earth and indeed, the universe itself. From a very young age, it is one of the most asked question by young children and as adults, we quite possibly ask that question even more. Despite all our efforts, no one has managed to present a convincing argument to this day and many great minds have tried. We do, however, have many theories regarding the creation of all existence, the most popular of which is the Big Bang theory.

Its Origin

Proof that the universe was expanding was first presented by Edwin Hubble in the year 1929. He concluded this because of the varying red shifts he observed in galaxies at different distances. This observation led to the idea that if the universe was expanding, then it had to have a starting point, as first stated by George Lemaitre in 1927. Many scientists have since then worked on this idea along with the theory of a static universe before empirical evidence was found to support the expanding universe theory. In 1964 the cosmic microwave background was discovered and this was definitive proof of the big bang model, further sealing its place as the foremost theory of existence to this day.


The Big Bang Theory has sparked much conflict with religious groups, many declaring open war against the scientific community. This theory states that there is no reason for the influence of a god to make the universe exist since our existence can be attributed to the random fluctuations of quantum particles eventually organizing themselves to become what we see and experience today.

What it means

Stating that the universe had a beginning is fine until you consider what could have been before the beginning? How do you define non existence and how to you conceptualize billions of years form your perspective as a human being. Does it matter at all? Since there was a beginning, does that mean there will be an end to the universe?

It is important to remember before choosing sides that, while this may be the prevailing idea of existence today, it can one day be proven false and there are many other, less popular theories proposed by reputable, intelligent people. What matters in science is evidence and the analysis of that evidence, facts are not decided simply because someone feels that way.

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