3-D Printing In Medical Field

3-D printing has resulted in a number of breakthroughs in many industries—not the least of which is the medical industry. Prostheses are among the most helpful of solutions offered by this new technology and many people are able to live life more normally because of it. But further advancements have resulted in complex skin tissue being manufactured. There is of course a large place for 3-D printing in the dental industry too. This essay will look into some of these industries more closely.

3-D printing of limbs

3-D printing allows one to create a plastic or metal object according meticulous design. It is therefore no wonder this technology is being used to create prostheses for people who are missing hands, legs, and arms. But this techno logy is not limited to helping people with limb replacements; it can also be used to replace internal bones. Knee replacements, hip replacements and even neck bones can be shaped according to an exact design and placed inside patients who need them.

Skin tissue

But today, 3-D printing has advanced in leaps and bounds. Skin tissue is now being produced through this technology, helping physicians to replace ‘irreplaceable’ parts of the body. This means that organs can be mended in certain areas and people’s lives can be extended. Medical science is coupling what it knows with the 3-D printing industry and together the two are working real-life miracles.

Dental uses for 3-D printing

Because 3-D printing allows for intricacies in every aspect of design, dentists are also showing an interest in it. False sets of teeth are one area that can be advanced through 3-D printing and even individual teeth can be embedded to replace damaged ones. Dental tools are not excluded from this category. Many intricate tools can be created to accommodate one patient if need be. This helps dentists to effectively work on a patient using equipment that has been specially designed to fit into particular areas.

It is exciting to see where this industry is going. The medical world will be making much advancement through the technology of 3-D printing and many people are sure to benefit. However it seems that this is only the beginning. The current technology that is available is only a gateway to what we can expect to see in the future.

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